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Cherokee Heights Middle School: Digital Resources

Free Use Images

International Keyboard

Google Apps and Extensions

iHeart Radio

Google Cast for Education

Notes on using:

        Google Cast for Education Help

        Scroll Down to Teacher Set Up    

        Click Chrome Store

        Choose the App and install (Make sure you are logged into Chrome)

        Choose the App in the App Launcher

        Receiver Name: is YOUR CLASS OR YOUR ROOM-- it is specific to the computer you have connected to the tv monitor

        Share with Students-you can add whole Google Classroom or by individual email

            Make sure to Default is : CAN REQUEST not can present

Students:  Log into Chrome and select three dots in upper right hand corner, select “cast,” wait, when teacher accepts then the student’s work will be displayed

ITSE Standards

Google Earth

Getting to Know Your Chromebook

Chromebook Shortcuts

G2 Rollout Lessons