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Thoreau Elementary Library: Books

Need help finding a good book to read? Here are some good recommended reading resources.

Read Aloud "Book Videos" For Kids

Reading stories out loud to children:

  • Provides them with a model of fluent reading.
  • Allows them to consume content above their reading level (since they can listen at a higher level than they can read).
  • Shows them the connection between the written word and its meaning.
  • Teaches them the narrative structure of a story or book.
  • Helps develop a love of stories, books, and reading that can carry on into the rest of their lives.

Although there is no substitute for reading in person to a child, there are still many benefits from using technology to show videos of people reading stories. In addition to many of the perks mentioned above, videos of books can offer a few novel benefits as well (pun intended).

Video books:

  • Often include music or sound effects to help set the mood.
  • Often include animations, zooming, and panning to bring the book to life and help follow or focus in on the action.
  • Can provide a different take on the reading of the story with the narrator’s voices and inflections.
  • Can be watched independently by the child.
  • Can be sped up or slowed down, paused, and rewound as needed.

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Bookmarks: Celebrating Black Voices

Authors and celebrities read aloud books that Celebrate Black Voices.

Padlet Featuring Books That Discuss Equality, Anti-Racism & Social Justice

Made with Padlet

Collection of Read Aloud Books for All to Enjoy: Padlet

A Children's and YA Anti-Racist Reading List

Book: Celebrating Hmong New Year in Madison

Video of Read Aloud: Hmong New Year in Madison

"There isn't a specific date for the Hmong New Year, as traditionally, each village celebrates at the end of their harvest season. This season usually falls anywhere from November through the first few weeks of January. After the religious component, the cultural piece happens anywhere between 7-9 days. In the United States, some cities celebrate as early as mid September lasting 2 days to 7 days. Here in Madison, we celebrate it during Thanksgiving break, Friday and Saturday. "

The authors Sheng Lee and Darby Puglielli both work at Kennedy Elementary school.

Alexis Dean: Rap Retelling of Hair Love

Alexis Dean: Rap Retelling of Undefeated by Kwame Alexander