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Thoreau Elementary Library: Coding

Need help finding a good book to read? Here are some good recommended reading resources.

DK: Coding for Kids 1

Code & Go Robot Mouse

CODEMASTER Programming Logic Game

Image result for think fun code master game directions

Coding Rock Stars

DK: Coding For Kids 2

Let's Go Code Activity Set

Meet Botley the Coding Robot

2nd gr.: #1 Programming with Angry Birds

2nd gr: #2 Debugging

Image result for debugging with the step button

2nd gr: #3 Collecting Treasure

Image result for the collector

Cool Coding Apps & Websites for Kids

Minecraft Adventure & Designer

Loops with Rey & BB8

Image result for loops with bb8

Dance Party

Image result for coding dance party

Kindergarten Lesson #1: Learn to Drag & Drop

Kindergarten Lesson#2 Maze Sequence

Image result for jigsaw puzzle

Kindergarten #3: Debugging

Image result for maze debugging

Kindergarten #4: Bee Sequence

Image result for bee sequence

1st Grade #1: Sequencing with Scrat

Image result for sequencing with scrat

1st Grade #2: Programming with Scrat

Image result for programming  with scrat