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Orchard Ridge Elementary: Book trailers - great examples

Welcome to the Orchard Ridge Library Page.

Watching a book trailer is a great way to select a great book for you!

Caldecott Contender: Sam and Dave Dig a Hole

Caldecott Contender: Flora and the Penguin

Caldecott Contender: Hug Machine

Caldecott Contender: Quest

Caldecott Contender: The Adventures of Beekle

Other Caldecott Contenders


Emotional journey from a sad departure to a happy new begining.  


Dancing is the most important thing to this young girl's life, but will the color of her skin unfairly bar her from honing her craft?


This book is between a piece of art and a picture book.  When they meet in the middle the magic is real.   

Caldecott Contenders: Three Bears in a Boat

Caldecott Contender: Brother Hugo and the Bear

Caldecott Contender: The Right Word

Caldecott Contender: Grandfather Gandhi