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Orchard Ridge Elementary: Webpage Evaluation

Welcome to the Orchard Ridge Library Page.

How to Determine Website Evaluation

This box contains information on how to evulate a website:


Watch Me!

Preseneation from Easy Bib


Website Evaluation Check List

Make a copy of this Google Document and fill out with a partner.  Share with      when you are done. 

Power Point on Website Evaluation

Tips on Website Evaluation

Here are 6 great tips for searching the internet for information for your coursework:

modified from New York City College of Technology Library. (


1.Anyone can post anything on the internet, both true and false information.


You must EVALUATE everything you find online! When evaluating information, ask yourself these questions:

2.  Accuracy: Is the information correct? How do you know? Are the sources of the information cited?

3. Expertise: Who is the author or organization that is the source of the information?

4. Currency: When was the website last updated? 

5. Objectivity: Is the author trying to convince you of something or sell you something?

6. Google’s top search results are based on popularity (how many “hits” a website gets) and relevance (how often your search terms are used on the website). Google cannot evaluate the accuracy of website

Bogus Websites

Bogus websites can be useful tools for teaching students how to evaluate the credibilty and authority of information that they find on the Internet.  Most of the websites on this list are humorous, such as the Victorian Robots site (at left is a photo from the home page) linked below.  Some sites, though, are sinister, such as the Martin Luther King, Jr. website hosted by a white supremacy group.

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