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Lincoln Outdoor Learning Lab: Volunteering

Contact Information

 Contact Info

Lincoln Elementary School

909 Sequoia Trail

Madison, WI 53713

Josie Guiney Igielski

Clare Seguin

Deb Hoffman

School Garden

To volunteer time, supplies, or expertise to the Lincoln School Garden please contact:

Clare Seguin, 204-4933


Looking for:

Kids, families, neighbors willing to be caretakers (weed and water) of the school garden over summer break.

Outdoor Classroom Structure

To make a monetary contribution, directly donate supplies, or to pledge time during the construction phase please contact:

Josie Guiney Igielski, 204-4952


Guest Presentors

Looking for:

Birding enthusiast who would demonstrate techniques such as mist-netting, bird-banding, and setting up field research sites.

Plant and animal enthusiast to talk about life cycles and habitat needs of Madison, Wisconsin specific flora and fauna.

Chef in the classroom that would enjoy cooking with kids using the produce from the garden.

Community member interested in sharing the history of the Burr Oaks neighborhood, the land use, and specific history of Lincoln Elementary School.