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Velma Bell Hamilton Middle School: Battle of the Books

Battle of the Books Dates to Know

  • Now - read from the list for your grade level
  • Mid-November - teams register
  • End of February - school competitions
  • Beginning of March - district-wide competitions


6th grade: Tuesday, Feb. 26 [after lunch through 5th hour]

7th grade: Tuesday, Feb 26 [after school until 3:30]

8th grade: Thursday, Feb 28 [after school until 3:30]


MMSD COMPETITIONS: (for winning team of school competition):

6th grade: Tuesday, March 5 @ Hamilton 2-3:15

7th grade: Wednesday, March 6 @ Toki 2-3:15

8th grade: Thursday, March 7 @ Whitehorse 2-3:15

Hamilton BotB Ice Cream Party: FRIDAY, March 8  during your lunch period 

ALL DONE FOR 2019 -- THANKS FOR A GREAT BotB season!!! 


6th Grade Book List

BOB Information

Battle of the Books is a fun, friendly activity where teams of students read books from a specified list and then compete in a trivia competition based on those books. 

Read the FAQs to find out more!

7th grade list

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Why do you participate in Battle of the Books?

Take this poll...
I like to read.: 72 votes (23.45%)
I like to read books that I normally wouldn't read.: 56 votes (18.24%)
My friends are participating.: 68 votes (22.15%)
I was encouraged by a parent or teacher.: 54 votes (17.59%)
I like challenges and competitions.: 57 votes (18.57%)
Total Votes: 307

8th grade list