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Spring Harbor Middle School: Values and Choices

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The information on this page comes from a website put together by a former librarian.  The website is being eliminated, so I transferred the links and information to this resource to preserve it. 

Advocates for Youth


To begin, click on the "Topics & Issues" tab. Information on abstinence, violence and harassment, contraception, GLBTQ issues, HIV and STIs prevention and treatment, parent-child communication, sex education, teen pregnancy prevention, and more. For youth, parents and educators.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Adolescent and School Health

Comprehensive health information. Use the links, the search box, or A-Z Index to locate information on teen health issues, including sexual health, sexual behavior risks such as HIV and STDs, teen pregnancy prevention, and sexual violence.

Girl Zone: Ask Ms. Knowbody

Ask Ms. Knowbody all those embarrassing questions about your body, including questions about bras, bulimia, periods, shaving, zits, and more.

Human Body and Mind from the BBC

An interactive site that provides information on breasts, erections, growth spurt, sexual changes, voice breaking, etc. through factual text, flash movies, and quizzes. See the "Puberty" section under "The Body." Also provides information on mental and emotional changes. From the British Broadcasting Company.

Info for Teens (Planned Parenthood)


Sections include: My Birth Control; My Body; Birth Control, STDS, and Pregnancy; Sex; Dating, Friends, and Family; LGBTQ; and Ask theExperts. See also "Health Info & Services" link. Provided by Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

Kid's Health - Nearly Teens

"Everything (or just about) that you need to know about becoming a teenager...." with information on acne, breasts, girlfriends and boyfriends, menstruation, personal hygiene, puberty, sexual reproduction, and more.

Medline Plus: Teen Development


Comprehensive and authoritative. From U.S. National Institutes of Health.

TeensHealth: Sexual Health

Sections for guys and for girls provide information on puberty, infections, menstruation, and just about everything else you wanted to know about growing up.

Youth Resource: A Project of Advocates for Youth


Created by and for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and questioning young people 13 to 24, with information on sexual orientation, gender identity, coming out, relationships, sexual health, health care, and more.

Teen Health and Wellness Database

Username and password required for remote access. Ask your librarian.

 In the database, see the articles under "Sexuality and Sexual Health": Abstinence; For Girls - Your Body; For Guys - Your Body; Pregnancy Prevention; STDs and Sexual Health; Sexual Identity; Sexual Violence; Teen Parenting; and Teen Pregnancy.

Or explore the whole database for information on teen health and wellness issues (bullying, cyberbullying, nutrition and fitness, money management, green living, and much more). - Young People

Information on relationships and sex, safer sex, your body and puberty, HIV and STIs, frequently asked questions about sex. From AVERT, an international AIDS charity.

Focus Adolescent Services: Teen Sexual Behavior/Issues and Concerns

Emphasis is on one’s personal values and making choices within that framework. Information on what’s normal, yellow flags, parenting teens, and emotional health. More for parents than for teens.

Body. Fitness. Nutrition. Illness & disability. Drugs, alcohol & smoking. Your feelings. Relationships. Bullying. Safety. Your future. Environmental health. See also "Your Health from A-Z." From the Office on Women’s Health, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.

I Wanna Know

Designed to help you learn about your sexual health in order to make good decisions. Information on sexual health, STDs/STIs, relationships, LGBTQ, pregnancy and parenthood, myths and facts. Sections for parents and educators. Extensive list of links to information on sexual health issues.

It's Great to Wait

"Abstinence is the only 100% guaranteed effective means of not getting pregnant." Information on relationships, making choices, and resisting peer-pressure. Includes a section for parents.

Kids Health: All About Puberty

Using humor and straightforward basic facts, this site explains puberty and what kids should expect from their changing bodies.


Run by and for teenagers to provide and promote comprehensive sexuality education to young people and the adults in their lives. Links to information on the "Hot Topics" of birth control, HIV/AIDs and STDs, pregnancy, your body, LGBTQ, abuse and violence, relationships, and sex.

Teen Health: We Are Talking

For teens 13-20, from experts at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation. Sections include "Teen FAQ [frequently asked questions]," "General Health" (see "For Females" and "For Males"), "Emotions & Life," "Sexual Health & Experience," or search on your own topic.

IPL2 for Teens

In the right-hand column, click on "Answers to Frequently Asked Embarrassing Questions (FAEQs)" and "Health and Sexuality" for links to websites on body image, puberty, body changes, sexuality, nutrition, abuse and exploitation, pregnancy, and more.

AboutHealth - Talking Kid to Kid

"Other kids have handled the troubles you face. Read their stories here, kid to kid. Get the truth about their worries - and how they’ve sorted things out." Information on AIDS, bullying, body image, emotions, sexual health, violence.

My Period. My Body & Wellness. My Relationships. My Life. My Beauty & Style. Ask the Experts. Entertainment. Products. Created for teens, by teens, and Tampax.

Futures without Violence

Information on domestic and dating violence, child abuse, and sexual assault; the consequences of such violence; and where to get help.

HIV InSite: Adolescents and Youth

FAQs, factsheets, statistics, information on sexuality, and expert advice. Developed by the Center for HIV Information at the University of California-San Francisco to be a source for comprehensive, in-depth and up-to-date information. The Place for Girls' Health

Links for: Sex, Body & Health; Your Mind & Feelings; My Story; Healthy Eating; Natural Health; Keep Fit; Videos & Games; Healthy Links; and Need Help? Hotlines. Clear language and diagrams.

It's Your (Sex) Life: Your Guide to Safe and Responsible Sex

A 32-page brochure on preventing unintended pregnancies, contraception, talking with your partner, STDs, and HIV. Includes a list of hotlines and websites. Produced by the Kaiser Family Foundation in collaboration with MTV.

Kotex - Articles and Information

Details about periods, PMS, pregnancy, and health and well-being of mind, body and spirit. Brought to you by Kotex/Kimberley-Clark.

Provided by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy. Find facts and statistics about teen pregnancy, how to avoid becoming pregnant, what are healthy and abusive relationships, dating, and more.

WebMD: Teen Health

Sections for teen girls and teen boys, with information on mind, body, relationships, and growing up issues in general. Authoritative and reliable.

My Sistahs: A Project of Advocates for Youth


For and by young women of color. Click on the "Resources" tab for links to information on abstinence, body image, dating violence, teen pregnancy prevention, relationships, sex and sexuality, and more.