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Spring Harbor Middle School: Noodle Tools

Connecting learners to literature, resources and technology to discover and achieve.

Step-by-step directions for Noodle Tools

If you would rather not watch videos you can find what you need on this step-by-step guide with screenshots.  It includes setting up your account, creating a new project, and how to cite a book, database, and website, as well as instructions on how to export your finished bibliography/works cited to a Google Doc for easy turn in.


Online Book citation

Noodle Tools Sign In and Project Creation

Book Citation in Noodle Tools

Export your Noodle Tools to Google Docs

Noodle Tools website

 Click on the icon to get to Noodle Tools and sign in.

Destiny Discover e-book citation

Lightbox book citation - Destiny Discover

Database citation - copy and paste - in Noodle Tools

Website Citation in Noodle Tools