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Emerson Library Portal: Contact an Emerson Teacher/Staff Member

Teacher Appreciation


Emerson Staff List 2020-2021

4K & Kindergarten

Carol Peddie (4K)

Michelle Murray   

Tami Kubisz         

Molly Strigel         

Third Grade

Hannah Lund           

Karly Wentworth  

Sami Kleiber      


Special Area Teacher (Art, Phy Ed, Music, Reach) (Click on last name)

Ann Desens  Advanced Learning Teacher

Jenny Quisler  Art Teacher

Katie Reynolds REACH Teacher (K-2)

Carol Shew Librarian/REACH Teacher (3-5)

Chris Walters Phy EdTeacher

Lisa Newell Phy Ed Teacher

Caroline Moore Music Teacher

Heather Laurila  Orchestra/Strings Teacher


Office Staff

Brad Kose  Principal   

Pam Barsness Administrative Assistant

 Ellen Arney   ClericalAssistant

Solvei Adams Nurse    

Liliana Rodriguez-Debermudez Nurse Assistant

First Grade

Meg Tretow   

Nicole Anderson

Ashley Potter

Katie Bell      


Fourth Grade

Michelle Villarreal

Mick Krueger       

Kendall Klak                

Student Services (Click on last name)

Paige Blimling CCTeacher

Jayna Diedrich CCTeacher

Lisa Wells  CC Teacher

Shanna McDonald  ProgramSupport Teachers

Emily Powers InstructionalCoach

Odessa Matson LiteracyInterventionist

Nicole Lendborg  Literacy Interventionist/Positive Behavior Support

Maggie Pennoyer Psychologist

Caroline Osgood SocialWorker

Jennifer Foster SpeechandLanguage

Jacob Perlman OccupationalTherapist

Susan Gundeck OccupationalTherapist

Tabitha Gehrmann PhysicalTherapist


English Language Supports

Sarah Cayou ESLTeacher  

Gabriel Fernandez-Arriola  Bilingual Resource Specialist Spanish

Amy Gonzalez Bilingual ResourceTeacher

Kalsang Kunor  Bilingual Resource Specialist Tibetan

Second Grade

Amy Edge         

Leah Faherty

Lisa Gutche  


Fifth Grade

Julie Slattery     

Jill Wood              

Maggie Strader

Educational Assistants

Carey Craighill  (4K)

Latasha Bloodsaw

Barb Pruitt            

Julie Benell          

Burnett Reed       

Amanda Kraft             

Monika Buhler      

Ellen Arney          


Food Service & Custodial

Shannon Peeler Custodian

Soraya Thomas Custodian

Gabby Mendoza Gonzalez Custodina

Diane Allain  Food Service



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