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Research: Hot Topics for Debate: Credible Sources

Website Credibility Checklist

  1. Domain Name - What kind of site is it?
  2. Authority - Who created the site?
  3. Currency - When was the site created/last updated?
  4. Audience - Who was this site created for?
  5. Purpose - What was this site created for?
  6. Contact Information - Can you contact the author if you have questions?
  7. Related Links - Do all of the links work?
  8. Bibliography - Doe the author cite his/her sources?
  9. Credibility - Does the information seem believable or far-fetched?
  10. Appearance - What does the site look like?

Online Research Steps

1. Evaluating the source (domain, currency, relevancy, authority/appropriateness, bias)

2. Bookmark and annotate the source (Diigo)

3. Cite the source (Easybib)

Credible Websites