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Technology@Olson: IPads

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 Who Gets the iPads?
We have two carts; Cart 1 is
Intermediate Cart Managers are Sheri Boser and Brenda Blessing Cart 2 is Primary Cart Managers are Sheri Boser and Amy Rothering.

Where will the iPads be located?
We have a rotation for use in classrooms. See schedule below or see cart
manager for your level.

How will the classroom iPad cart checkout work?
When it is your turn to have the cart, pick it up in the previous classroom. If you require new Apps please try to ask cart manager in advance so there is time to load the apps. here is a schedule for Olson here

Why can't I just check out a few iPads at a time? If you have a project that you really want to do with your class and you are not in the rotation, it might be difficult to accomodate your needs and the needs of all students who may only get a chance to use these iPads once or twice a year in the rotation. Please see the grant writing info on the side bar. Maybe you will be able to get a few for your classroom or team!

How do I get an iPad to use as a teacher?
Teacher iPads can be checked out overnight for PD classes or planning. If you are next on rotation for the cart, you will be able to get the teachers

Isn’t this my personal IPad?
While we want teachers to experiment with the iPad so they will be in a better position to use it in the classroom, it is not a personal device like your smartphone. It is important to remember the iPad is a district resource and you should respond to it as such. While you may be using the iPad to try out new apps, your students may use it as a literacy center. In most situations the iPad will be used by multiple users.
The iPad should be returned in the exact same condition as when it was checked out. This includes making sure you sign out of apps such as Google Drive, and delete any apps you may have installed. Do
not assume data on the device, photos or otherwise, will stay on the device. Please go to Settings and clear your browser history on Safari and cookies as well. Also make sure that email app is clear.
Can we link it to our personal Apple account?    
Since these are Cart iPads you should not use your personal Apple Account for these iPads. 
What about email?
It is best to avoid setting up email with the iPad app. There are many privacy concerns especially if it is being used by multiple parties. For example, a student may be using it for apps and then gain access to confidential emails.
Does this mean you can’t access email on the iPad. No, you can access your email through the browser. In all honesty the Gmail web app looks better than using the iPad’s native email app.
What about Apps?
We will have a core set of apps set up through the cart. These apps will be automatically updated on an as needed basis. If you need an app, please contact Sheri Boser or Brenda or Kala by 1st of month. We will try to get these loaded in about a week. You will have the option to install additional apps through a personal Apple ID for your classroom. Some of you may be ready for this right away, whereas others may want to wait awhile. Be awar
e that the carts may lose these apps during a district sync.

A word of caution. Decisions of what apps to put on the iPad should follow the same kinds of considerations of which books to include in the classroom. It is easy to imagine how a poor choice of an app could be a public relations diasaster for us as a district and negatively impact iPads in schools. If you have not done so please read through MMSD Policies on use of Technology in Schools.

Thanks to Nate Schmolze who is leading on this LibGuide info on Technology. With his permission, I am adapting this to Olson Elementary.S. Boser