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9 ELA CC Resources: Modules 1A & 1B

Modules 1A & 1B

1A:  Reading and Responding to Narrative Texts

Essential Question(s)

  • What reading, writing, and thinking skills will I develop as a successful 9th grade English student?
  • What are the structures and routines that will make this a safe learning classroom for students to take risks?
  • How do I communicate and collaborate with my peers, showing respect for diverse perspectives?
  • How will critically reading and insightfully responding to a wide variety of narrative texts help me understand the human experience?

1B:  Writing Short Narratives

Essential Question(s)

  • What can I add to the understanding of the human experience?
  • What narrative techniques have writers used to communicate the human experience?
  • How can I collaborate with my peers during the writing process to improve my writing?

Books from our Libraries

Sources for Narrative Texts

Once you find a great short article you can use to convert the web-based article into a pdf document (and get rid of the web junk on the left and right of the webpage.