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Math: 3 Brown

This guide contains links to many math games and activities for elementary students.

Math - Brown

Patterning, Logic, and Brain Puzzles

3 Slices

                  3 Slices

Cyberchase - Airlines Builder


Cyberchase - Lucky Star


Construct It

                  Image result for construct it math playground


             Image result for hexagonator image     

Set Puzzle


Sugar, Sugar


Snail Bob 2


Maze Collapse

                        Related image

Cyberchase -Estimation Contraption

                        Glowla's Estimation Contraption

Cyberchase - Pattern Quest


Go Home


Pattern Puzzles


Sticky Blocks


Four in a Row

             Image result for four in a row math playground





Cyberchase - Logic Zoo Venn Diagram

                        Estimation Logic Zoo

Cyberchase - Stop That Creature


Guess the Number


Prizma Puzzles


Sudoku - Leveled


Block Master


Duck, Think Outside the Flock