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Easy Bib - for citing source

Directions for Writing Science Article Reviews:

Scholastic - Differentiated Articles

Sometimes you can access these articles,
sometimes you can't.

Popular Science

Psychology Today

Simpson Street Free Press

Select "newspaper sections" and find your area of interest.

Science Daily

Printing Articles

  1. Look for a printer symbol at the top of bottom of the article and use that if available. OR
  2. Open a Google Doc or Word page.
  3. Go back to the web page. Highlight the content of the article you would like to use. You may get pictures, ads, other text you don't want -- you can delete those later.
  4. Hover over the highlighted part and right click the mouse. Select copy.
  5. Return to your document screen. Right click the mouse. Select paste.
  6. Delete any parts that you will not need. Keep the title/author/date of publication.
  7. Copy and paste the website link onto your document or into Easy Bib.
  8. Adjust the text and margins as needed to make the document look good and use as little paper as possible.

Science News for Kids

Science News for Students

BBC Science and Nature

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Science Magazine


Time For Kids

National Geographic Science

NOVA - Science Now