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Book Trailers - for HS students: Advanced Tech

Contains links, examples and instructions for creating student-made book trailers.

Green Screen & Lighting

In April, 2014, I bought this for the LMC:  Portable Green Screen
“Fotodiox Collapsible Portable Backdrop Kit with 2.1m Stand, 8x14’ Muslin Chroma Key Green Background” for $120 from Amazon

I am still learning how to use it, but have been told that it works best with a good lighting kit (we DO have a light kit with three lights and stands in the LMC).

On the software side, how do you transform the video in the EDITING stage? Well...

We currently have ONE Mac and it is very easy to do in iMovie (see How-to Youtube video below). Most of the school computers, however, have Windows MovieMaker LIVE and, as far as I know, there is NOT a way to use Chroma Key/ Green Screen technology in MovieMaker LIVE. What to do? Just use imovie to do the Green Screen effects, save it as a movie file and then move back to a PC to edit everything else together.

Using a light kit with a green screen:

We have a three light kit in the LMC. Position one light on either side of the green screen to light the actual screen. Use light #3 on the actor(s). You want even lighting/ color on everything - it's when you have shadows or uneven lighting that the effects in the editing stage look weird.

For your own cheaper version of a light kit, try indoor, Tungsten lights (outdoor vs. indoor lights) or buy clamp lights at the hardware store.

For Chromebooks or ipads...

Want an app to use with a Green Screen and a CHROMEBOOK?

Librarian Monica Millen (Huegel Ele., MMSD) downloaded this Green-Screen app from the Chrome Store:

How about an IPad app to use with a Green Screen?

For the IPad, Monica suggests the iPad app Green Screen by Do Ink ($2.99).