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LHS Makers: IN the Library

Digital projects as well as some more traditional "unplugged" projects as well

Makers IN the LMC


  • Books - create your own mini-books & 'zines
  • Book Planters - use an old book to make a new plant
  • Comic Art – Make a mini comic
  • Homemade Cards - we have paper, glue, samples, scissors, stamps and more
  • Paper Beads - reuse old magazines to create one-of-a-kind jewelry
  • Selfie Photography – Use your own cell phone camera with these ideas and props
  • Sock Puppets – we have CLEAN used socks, fabric, sewing needles, Velcro and googlie eyes
  • Techno-Art – make new items from old technology (supplied for you)
  • Terrariums – use old jars, moss, soil, rocks, random crafts and plant cutting to create your own living display
  • Upcycled T-shirts – SO many options for remodeling donated T-shirts from the LMC

Make a Book or Zine

Make a Mini-Book or Zine

What is a 'Zine?

Zines (pronounced  'zeens', shortened from the Word 'magazines') are small independent publications. Fun and easy to make, they are a great way to get your points across and make sure the voice of the people is heard.

Materials Needed:

any kind of paper, your IDEAS and some creativity

Read more (and see a few examples at the Madison SLIS Zine Library web site

Matchbook notebooks

Materials Needed:

  • cardstock or leftover poster board scraps
  • scrap paper/ notebook paper scissors
  • staple/ stapler
  • fine point markers to decorate the cover

<How-to directions here>

Matchbook BOOKS


Materials Needed:

  • cardstock or leftover poster board scraps
  • scrap paper/ notebook paper scissors
  • glue/ glue stick an old matchbox

<how-to directions here>


Mini-Books: Paper template (blanks ones provided or go to this link)

Accordion Books (template and instructions provided or go to this link)

Homemade Cards

Homemade Cards

We have supplies:

  • a stamp kit and ink pads (behind the check-out counter; please ASK for them)
  • scissors, markers and colored pencils
  • stencils
  • paper scraps (reuse, recycle!), posterboard, and more!

How-to/ Ideas:

Selfie Photography

Selfie Photography

  1. We have photobooth props you can borrow!

2. Utilize filters

3. Get creative

Sock Puppets

Sock Puppets

They're not just for kids! They're fun, and can be a creative way to act out your research or the latest chapter you read for class! Plus, maybe you can talk your teacher into giving you extra credit for your fun puppet show!


We have clean, donated (but used) socks, Googley-eyes, sewing needles and thread, markers, and extra felt and velcro to make accessories. AND we have a homemade sock puppet stage (just ask for it from the library staff).

Be creative and have fun!

Book Planters


Materials Needed (we have all this in the LMC):

  • old books (okay ones from the school library  will have
  • a "WITHDRAWN" stamp in
  • them) skewers (3) tape (3 pieces) seeds (6-8)
  • rubber bands (2)
  • water
  • whatever materials you need to decorate the cover-  mark­ ers, Sharpies, glue, etc.


  1. Pick a book! (thicker ones work the best)
  2. Open your book, and lay it flat on the table.
  3. Pick a spot 1/4 into your book for your first two seeds.
  4. Place two seeds 1 inch from the top of your book, on the page (give them space).
  5. Use a skewer to mark this spot in your book (tape it down!). Then, close your book carefully.
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 with a spot 1/2 way into your book, and 3/4 way into your book.
  7. Use two rubber bands to wrap around your book (holds seeds in place!)
  8. Bring your book over to the sink and water the top of the pages by your seeds until the pages are soaked from an inch down into your book.
  9. Create your very own scientific art to attach to the front of your book!

When you are done, you can take it home or leave it here and we will water it for you! (it doesn't need sun until a plant sprouts from your book)

Comic Art!

Paper Beads

Paper Beads

Supplies: Use old magazines to make paper beads - we have toothpicks, glue, old magazines and thread.

How to:

There are different types of beads:

And LOADS of cool designs/ finished projects:

Techno Art

Techno Art

Make cool stuff with old technology!

Supplies: Your CREATIVITY, old VHS tapes, old disks, CDs, etc. (look in the Maker Cabinet)

Here are some ideas:



What are they?

A terrarium is a mini garden in a glass container. It can be as simple or fancy as you make it, and it can help bring greenery to indoor spaces!


  • glass jars/ containers, moss, rocks, soil, plant cuttings (ask library staff if you don't see it in the Maker cabinet)
  • Create your own props, mini animals, signs, etc.

How to:


Don't forget cute props to decorate your terrarium: