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LHS Makers: Animation

Digital projects as well as some more traditional "unplugged" projects as well

Materials Needed

Materials Needed:

#1: You need your own IDEAs for characters and a story; You can use a Storyboard template (link) to write out your ideas as a draft       

#2: Technology: Use your smartphone, ipod touch or tablet + an animation app.

           OR, you may ask to use the LMC ipad behind the checkout counter ONLY

 #3: Props: Make your own props and charac­ters out of scrap materials, old toys, etc.

 #4: a Set/ Background  (some provided in the Animation Studio box kit, but you might also choose to make your own)

Other  ideas?                            

  • Use a dry erase board & a dry erase marker to draw and record, with stop motion animation. You can use this to animate text, a road, a skyline - creativity is your only limitation

  • Film a bouncing ball, but do each step of the bounce

  • Make an origami animal, step-by-step

  • Film your face, changing expressions slightly, over and over again

What is Stop Pause Animation?

We have the set-up to do stop-motion animation with an ipad (there is ONE ipad available for in-library use), a dry erase board, and an animation  studio kit, which includes several fold-out sets and a handbook.

What is Stop Motion?

Stop Motion, or stop action, is a way to create a video by piecing together pictures taken in quick succession. Without an app, you could put your pictures into iMovie at 10 frames per second (fps)... That means it would take 10 pictures to make one second of video! If you want to make a 1 minute video, how many pictures do you need to take? That's right... 600!

Stop Motion can be made with ANYTHING. There are lots of examples of "claymation" which is just stop motion using clay figures. A lot of people use Legos because it's easy to determine the exact distance to move your object frame by frame. Small toys work well. You can use ANYTHING.

description from:

Animation Apps

Animation Apps

There are SO many - some are free, some cost money to download.

Tip: try a free one and see how you like it before (or instead of) spending any money.

Here are some animation apps we have on the LMC ipad:



dry erase board video made at LHS

Paper AND Actual People:

When it's okay to play with your food:

Late for school - creative!


Legos! Lego Shark Attack