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Student LMC Aides: READ Poster(s)

A guide for all student aides for the LMC

SAMPLE Read Posters

SAMPLE READ POSTERS using Automotivator

How To Make a Simple READ poster

How to Make a Simple Read Poster:

1. Take a photo of someone reading a book.

  • Pick a book you (or they) like!
  • Have them hold it so you can see the cover

2. Send the picture to your email or the Google drive so you have use it from a computer.

3. Go to this MOTIVATIONAL POSTER web site:

4. When you're done, coose "Save to Your Computer"

5. Open your email, select it as an attachment and email it to Ms. v:


See Ms. v, Miss Sue or Mrs. K for any help in sending your photos, downloading, adding an attachment or anything else!