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Calendar Tips

To access the Marquette calendar:
  • Open your school gmail
  • Click on the "Apps" icon (9 little squares) near the top right, then click on Calendar in the menu.  This is your individual calendar, if you care to use it.
  • In the left panel menu, you will see "My calendars."  If the arrow to its left is pointing at "My calendars," click on it to see the list of calendars that you have created.
  • Click on "Other calendars" to view calendars that have been shared with you. Find the word "Marquette" and click on it to make it visible or invisible on your individual calendar.
As you schedule grade level or classroom events use the Marquette calendar to check for conflicts prior to scheduling, and to add your event once you schedule it.
Whether you use any other Google Calendars, it is expected that the Marquette Google Calendar and technology Google Calendars (shared with all Marquette staff) will be used to :
  • Add classroom and grade level events.
  • Check the calendar for conflicts BEFORE you plan classroom and grade level events.
  • Sign out the computer lab, Chromebook cart, and Netbook cart.