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Research Guides: 8th grade -- Drugs and Alcohol

Tobacco and Smoking

Chewing Tobacco

Smokeless Tobacco: Kids Health

Smokeless Tobacco: Medlineplus

Smokeless Tobacco: Teen Health and Wellness


How can I Quit smoking:

Second Hand: 

Smoking and Asthma:

 Smoking and Children:  American Lung Association

Smoking: Kidshealth

Stop Smoking and your Personal Plan: 

Teen Smoking: Medlineplus


Cigar Fact Sheets: Centers of Disease Control

Cigars loaded with harmful toxins: Medlineplus 

Cigar Smoking: American Cancer Association

More than 40 percent of middle and high schoolers who smoke use flavored little cigars or flavored cigarettes

Second Hand Cigar Smoke: American Cancer Association


E-Cigarettes: National Institute on Drugs

E-cigarettes: Kidshealth

E-cigarettes Talk: Kidshealth

E-Cigarettes: Smoke Free


Pipes and Cigars: Go Ask Alice (Columbia University)

Pipe Smoking: Health Days 

Pipes and Cigars: American Cancer Association 

General Resources

General Resources to help your searches:

National Institute on Drugs for Teens

Teen Health and Wellness

Don't forget to cite your sources and pictures. is great for citations.

Alcohol Abuse

Acohol Abuse:

Alcohol: Kidshealth

Alcohol Abuse: Medlineplus

Alcohol: Teen Heath and Wellness

Alcohol Abuse: Teen Health and Wellness

Binge Drinking: Kidshealth 

Coping with an alcoholic parent: Kidshealth

I have a drinking probelm: Kidshealth

Over-the-Counter and Prescription Drugs

Common Over the Counter Drugs that are abused:

Over-the-Counter Drug Abuse: Teen Health and Wellness

Over-the-Counter Drug Abuse: Drug Abuse

Prescription and Over-the-counter drug abuse

Robo Tripping: 

Prescription Drug Abuse:

Prescription Drugs: Drug Abuse

Prescription Drug Abuse: Kidshealth

Prescription Drug Abuse: Medlineplus

Prescription Drug Abuse: Teen Health and Wellness

Prescription and Over-the-counter drug abuse

Drugs (illegal)

Bath Salts:

Bath Salts: Drug abuse

Bath Salts: Drug Abuse Publications

Bath Salts: Teen Health and Wellness

Bath Salts: Not Your Average Bubbly: Go Ask Alice (Coumbia University)


Cocaine and Crack: Kidshealth

Cocaine: Medlineplus

Cocaine: Teen Health and Wellness

Cocaine Facts: Drug Abuse

Crack: Teen Health and Wellness


Club Drugs: Medlineplus

Ecstasy: Drug Abuse

Ecstasy: Teen Health and Wellness

Ecstasy and Molly: The Truth


Heroin: Kidshealth

Heroin: Medlineplus

Heroin: Teen Health and Wellness


Inhalants: Medlineplus

Inhalants: Kidshealth (article 1)

Inhalants: Kidshealth (article 2)

Inhalants: Teen Health and Wellness (article 1)

Inhalants: Teen Health and Wellness (article 2)


Marijuana: Kidshealth

Marijuana: Kidshealth

Marijuana: Medlineplus

Marijuana: Teen Health and Wellness


Methamphetamine: Kidshealth

Methamphetamine: Medlineplus

Methamphetamine: National Institute on Drugs Teen

Methamphetamine: Teen Health and Wellness

Methampetamine and PCP: Go Ask Alice (Columbia University) 

Mushrooms and hallucinogen

Hallucinogenics: Drug Abuse 

Hallucinogens: Drug Abuse

Hallucinogen: Teen Health and Wellness

Mushrooms: Teen Health and Wellness