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Research Guides: 8th grade -- people of change Spring 2015

Tupac Shakur

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Biographies Online Tupac

Biographies Tupac

Rolling Stone Article

Vanity Fair Article

Michael Jordan

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Biographies Online

Biography Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan: Basketball Icon

Frida Kahlo

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Biographies In General

Biographies Online (search your person of change)

Sweetsearch Biographies (searches the web for news about your person of change)

Finding Dulcinea 

Cite your sources including pictures! (login through your school google account)

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 Logging Into with your school account -- 4 min 15 sec. tutorial on YouTube


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Biographies Online Beyonce

Beyonce Song Lyric Dictionary

Beyonce Biography

Malala Yousafzai

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Biography: Malala

Normal yet Powerful Girl

Time for Kids Article

Jesus Christ

Biography: Jesus

Britannica Encylopedia: Jesus

Jesus Biography

Note: This biography may be difficult. Please focus on the biography of Jesus.

P.K. Subban

Ellen Degeneres

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Biographies Online Ellen Degeneres


New York Times Article

Albert Einstein

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History Channel

Muhammad Ali

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Sonia Sotomayor

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