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Technology Resources: Animation: Stop Motion

Toki Curriculum Ideas

Greek Mythology

Roman Expansion

Recreate famous battles

Manifest destiny

3 branches of government

Steps of Long Division

How to solve a math problem

Plate Techtonics


Seed germination

Life Cycle

Environmental stewardship

Phases of the moon

Act out a speech

Character trait scenarios

Literature Circle Share 

Change over time

Summarize the story

Describe a book

Biographies and Autobiographies

Argumentative essay -- pros and cons

Book trailer

Pull toys -- videos in action

Biking and change of heart rate on hills, etc.

Elements and Principles design

Effects of using drugs from day 1 to 4 months

Dissect a Song

Pictures of people in music, art (emotions and technology)

Conflict Resolution

Curriculum Ideas



Book and Movie Trailers


Digital Wish: Animation Station

Learn: Media Production

Pinterest Ideas

Wichita State: Animation Ideas

Subject Guide