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Handwrite in Google

Often, we find ourselves wishing we could use the touch interface of the iPad for writing. With the Google Write function, this is now an option to search a handwritten word.  When Write is enabled in your Safari browser, you can toggle between using the keyboard and using your finger to write words into the search bar of Google.  Here's how you can do this. 

1.  Open Safari on your iPad. 

2.  At the top right hand side is a gear icon.  This is your SETTINGS button.  Open it and choose SETTINGS. 

3.  At the next screen, look for the HANDWRITE area, click ENABLE and then SAVE.

 4.  Use your finger to write on the screen.  You an write anything.  Press down firmly or it won't recognize what you are writing.

 5.  If Google understood your handwriting, the word will be placed in the search bar and then changed to text. 

6.  To toggle back to the keyboard, look at the bottom of the screen.  There is an icon with an handwritten "g" on the right.  Press this icon to go to the keyboard.

7.  To go back to HANDWRITE, press the "g" icon again. 

By Joleen Welborn

Projecting My iPad Screen

There are two ways to project your iPad screen

1. Use an iPad VGA adapter, unfortunately these devices easily come unplugged and the user has to remain hardwired to the projector

      Cost $29.00

2. Use the Reflection App, this method is completely wireless. It projects your iPad screen to a website which can be opened on the PC that is attached the projector.

      Cost $14.99


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