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QUEST - MMSD Research Model: Synthesize

Question, Understand, Evaluate, Synthesize, Transform - MMSD research process in the Common Core State Writing Standards

QUEST Research Model

Eagleton, Maya B., and Elizabeth Dobler. Reading the Web: Strategies for Internet Inquiry. New York:  Guilford, 2007. Print. 
(Reprinted with permission of the Guilford Press)

Synthesize: What does this mean?

Now that you have read a lot of information from multiple sources, develop a plan for your argument while you take notes. Your job now is to

1) collect relevant evidence

2) analyze how it supports your opinion or claim. 

Ask yourself these questions:

1  What can I infer from this information?

2.  How do I interpret this information?

3.  What is my opinion based on this evidence?

4.  How has my perspective changed?

5.  What new insights do I have now?

Writing tips

Writing Checklist (from BadgerLink)


Think about when you will quote information and when you will paraphrase. Quoting should be reserved for the best or most unique examples.