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QUEST - MMSD Research Model: Transform

Question, Understand, Evaluate, Synthesize, Transform - MMSD research process in the Common Core State Writing Standards

Transform: What will I do with this information?

So far you have read multiple sources of information, developed an understanding of your topic, and collected/analyzed evidence to support your argument.

Now it's time to put it all together:

1.  How will I put this information together in an original way?

2.  How can I use technology to help present the information?

3.  How do I want my final product to appear?

4.  Who will help me edit my final draft?

Technology Tools and Applications


Writing Process

Tools or Application



To begin the planning process, use these resources to support student brainstorming and organization of their thoughts

Used to organize writing prompts, hooks and story starters

Annotate a PDF text in order to generate and share ideas


Using Google Docs to assist students with the writing/drafting of their paper.  

Using Google Docs to facilitate collaborative writing and provide feedback.

Revising (Peer Revision)

  • Google Docs

Have students work together to revise and provide feedback about each other’s papers.


Check Grammar:

When revising papers, these resources can help students find and use proper grammar in their papers.


Visual/Graphic Writing:

Students need to be able to publish their work in a variety of different formats.  These are some suggested formats and websites that can support that work.


To practice keyboarding skills.