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Copy of Wisconsin LIbGuide: Library Catalog

Searching Tips for the Library Catalog

1.  If you wish to find out about a topic, use the subject search button!

2.  A keyword search will find your search word anywhere on the book's descption on the catalog.

3.  Logging into the catalog will help you a lot!  You can make a list of books you want to read and put books on hold.

Search the Library Catalog!

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Advanced Search

How to Use the Search Function on the LMC Catalog

Knowing the difference between a subject search and a keyword search is important so that you understand what kind of results you will get.  These two short videos explain the difference and how to perform each kind of search.



Part 1: Performing a Subject Search      




Part 2: Performing a Keyword Search

Logging into the LMC Catalog

There are benefits to logging into the LMC catalog.  The main benefit is that you can create a resource list.  Click on the icon below to watch a short video that teaches how to log in and how to create a resource list.