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Jefferson Middle School: Student Library Crew

Welcome ~ General Information

Welcome to our library team! We are so thankful and happy to have you here. Our goal is SERVICE! We are here to help students and teachers locate information and use the technology available with ease. You are our front line! You reflect our image and our goals.

Our goal is for each student library crew to become a leader through serving fellow students, teachers, and staff. We provide valuable information resources to our Jefferson community. Our success happens because of you.

Every day - check this list and get started on the 'to do' list:

ALWAYS needed:

  • Shelve books, DVDs, CDs, etc. from the RESHELVE book carts.
  • Straighten books on the shelf and check to make sure they are in order/ in the correct spot.
  • Straighten tables and chairs: make sure all tables and chairs are neat; pick-up any wrappers, papers, pencils, etc. left at or around tables.
  • Clean the glass/ windows, wipe down kepyboards and tables.



  • Create something from the makerspace and let us see what you’ve made.

    *IF* needed (ask us/ we'll tell you):

  • Sensitize returned books after LMC staff check them in, and then put them away or on the RESHELVE carts.
  • Deliver notes/ mail.
  • Help other students find books for check-out.
  • Pull books, DVDs, CDs, etc. (I have lists - sometimes need help!).
  • Post signs/ flyers (if asked by LMC staff).



  • Read a book or a graphic novel!
  • Write a book review on Destiny, the library catalog.
  • Create a library display or sign.

Some reminders

Some reminders:

You are our front line! You reflect our image and our goals. Our goal is for each student library aide to become a leader through serving fellow students, teachers, and staff.

As a library crew you will be:

  • Reminding students to sign in and follow library rules.
  • Shelving materials and straightening shelves.
  • Helping students.
  • Help keep the library neat, clean, and organized.
  • Setting a positive example for those around you.

Library expectations that apply to ALL students (including you):

  • Food/ Drink: not allowed in the LMC.
  • Social Media/ Personal Devices: Academic use only (no snapchat, YouTube, Facebook, Vine, etc.).
  • Please keep an appropriate volume (students are often testing or need to concentrate).
  • Be on time and stay until the end of the block.
  • If you need o leave to use the restroom, go to your locker, have a dentist appointment, etc. Communicate with LMC staff so we know where you are AND can write you a pass.
  • You CAN put in your earbuds and listen to music while you work! Thank you for all you do!!

Library Crew Manual