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Jefferson Middle School: Poetry


Listed below is a menu of five different poetry project options for you. As you can see, each activity has an assigned point value. You need to mix and match at least 60 points over the next few weeks, and although you are welcome to repeat a menu item that you enjoy (for example, you do poetic lyrics #1 for two different songs), you must do at least 3 different menu items.

Magnetic Poetry

Use these online magnetic poetry kits Original, Geek, Nature  to create poetry. You can create one poetic masterpiece using 75 words, or you can create a variety of smaller poems. To receive full points, make sure that your total magnetic word count is at least 75, that you click the red save and share button on every poem you write and that you fill in your name as the poet, and my email ( where it asks for your friend’s email address (second box up from the bottom in the share and save popup box). (10 points)

Senryu and Whyku

Learn about and write Senryu & Whyku poems. CLICK HERE to see full directions- you can either make a copy of the directions and write your poems in that document, you can make a whole new google document, or you can get paper to write your Senryu and Whyku poems by hand. For full points, write at least 4 poems, and make sure you have one of each type. (10 points)

Original Poetry

Write a 1-2 page document (digital or paper and pencil) containing your own original poetry. The poem(s) can be free verse or follow any structure (limerick, sonnet, haiku, etc…) that speaks to you. (10 points)

Book Spine Poetry

Just grab a bunch of books with interesting titles and stack them up to create a juicy column of poetry. Snap a photo of your masterpiece and presto, you’re done! (10 points)

Poetry Lyrics

Listen to and reflect on a (school-appropriate) song you love. CLICK HERE to see the full directions- be sure to make your own copy and answer all 8 questions. (20 points)


Read and listen to a song you don’t know. CLICK HERE to see the full directions- be sure to make your own copy and answer all 7 questions. (20 points)

MadLibs Poetry

Follow this link to create a Madlib poem. In case you forgot or don’t know, you can click here to read about the parts of speech that you’ll need to in order to make your madlib poem. (10 points)

Blackout Poetry

Take printed material, read the whole thing and start thinking about which words you want in your poem. Then, draw boxes around the words that will be your poem, (and lines from one word to the next if they are not in the right order on the page), then color in or “black out” the rest of the words on the page so that the only words you can see are the ones you have chosen to be your poem. You must create two different poems for full credit. (10 points)

Performance Poetry

Select a poem to perform in front of the class individually, with a partner, or in a small group.