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Glendale Garden: Garden Resources

Glendale School Garden

Welcome to the Glendale School Garden: Growing and Nutrition Education

prairie flowers

Summer-Fall Snack Garden Plans: June-September

Red Salsa Garden: planting/eating experience (mild and/or hot) (60-65 days Raised Bed)

Salsa Verde Garden : planting/eating experience(mild and/or hot) (60-65 days Raised Bed)

Pesto Garden: planting/eating experience (70+ days) (Raised Bed)

Pizza Garden: planting/eating experience(70+ days) (Raised Bed)

Garden Plots for Glendale Food Pantry: planting/harvesting experience (timing determined by produce grown)

Important Dates for all Summer-Fall Recipe Gardens:

  • Outdoor Planting Window: Week of June 10
  • Harvest and recipe preparation/eating: June 19-Sept. 29, 2019 with Zulema Cruz Hinds

DIG IN Request Form : Due February 8, 2019

Spring Snack Garden Plans: March-May

Spring Salad Wrap Garden (30-35 days)

Radish Mango Salsa  (30-35 days)

Important Dates for all Spring Recipe Gardens:

  • Inside Seed Preparation Window: March 18-April 12, 2019 with Nancy Kieraldo
  • Outdoor Planting Window: April 22-30, 2019 with Nancy Kieraldo
  • Harvest and recipe preparation/eating: May 20-31, 2019 with Zulema Cruz Hinds

DIG IN Request Form : Due February 8, 2019

Garden Map

 2019 Garden Map

Math-Garden Curriculum

Science-Garden Curriculum

Literacy/Social Studies-Garden Curriculum

Arts-Garden Curriculum

prairie flowers