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Africa / Notable Africans: General Research

This guide is part of 7th grade ELA / social studies curriculum, supporting the study of Africa and Notable Africans.

How to Use Wikipedia for Academic Research

Shortcuts for Searching

Shortcuts for searching:

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  •, .com, .mil, .net, .gov
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Evaluating Sources

Accessibility Features Available in Databases

Biographies in Print

These Notable Africans have biographic entries in the reference books, African Biography, found in the O'Keeffe Library.

  • Achebe, Chinua
  • Annan, Kofi
  • Biko, Stephen
  • De Klerk, F.W.
  • Equiano, Olaudah
  • Gordimer, Nadine
  • Head, Bessie
  • Kenyatta, Jomo
  • Kuti, Fela
  • Leakey, Louis
  • Lumumba, Patrice
  • Lutuli, Albert
  • Maathai, Wangari
  • Makeba, Miriam
  • Mandela, Nelson
  • Mandela, Winnie
  • Masekela, Hugh
  • Nzinga, Anna
  • Nwapa, Flora
  • Shaka
  • Soyinka, Wole
  • Tutu, Desmond