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Native American Tribes of Wisconsin: Potawatomi

Potawatomi Traditions

Potawatomi Powwow 2010

Other Names

  • Anishinabe (name also used to describe the Ottawa and Ojibwe - were once all the same tribe)
  • Potawatomink (people of the place of fire)
  • Nishnabek
  • Pattawatima
  • Putawatimes
  • Pouteouatims
  • Poutouatami
  • Adawadeny or Atowateany (Iroquois)
  • Assistaeronon (Huron)
  • Kunuhayanu (Caddo)
  • Ouapou
  • Pekineni (Fox)
  • Pous, Poux, or Pu (French)
  • Tcashtalalgi (Creek)
  • Undatomatendi (Huron)
  • Wahhonahah (Miami)
  • Wahiucaxa (Omaha)
  • Wahiuyaha (Kansa)
  • Woraxa (Iowa, Missouri, Otoe, and Winnebago)

***Parenthesis refer to which tribe called them by the name (i.e. the Huron called them the Assistaeronon)