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Cesar Chavez Elementary Library: Volunteers

Introduction to Volunteers

Library Volunteer Information

    The Chavez Elementary Library is a wonderful, busy place with excellent resources for students, and staff. Parent volunteers play a very important role in the success of the LMC program.  Volunteers assist with circulation, shelving, book processing and assisting students when the Librarian is busy with instructional activities.  If you would be interested in volunteering in the library please give us a call.  (608) 442-2052

     Thank you for your time helping our students in the library!  Your active participation here and elsewhere at school shows your children how much you value education in general and reading in particular.  A powerful message!
    Below are guidelines for basic library services.  Please do not feel you have to know everything right away.  Over time you will grow to be comfortable and knowledgeable about library operations and services.

    The goal is for children to have a positive experience in the library. Our students receive intensive instruction in reading and language arts in the classroom.  The library is the place to foster a love of reading to complement those lessons.   And sometimes the student needs a book that is “just right” for reading practice or for research.  The library media specialist is responsible for helping students find the “just right” book. The library media specialist also assist teachers and students in identifying, locating, and interpreting the resources found in the library.  The main purpose of the library is to foster a love of reading and storytelling for our students.

    Students except kindergarten and the four year olds will be able to check out materials when the library is open. The limit this year is three items a week. Second thru fifth grade students visit the library with their class once a week for 10 to 15 minutes. All students must return their books for check in before their class comes in at their scheduled time. Kindergarten and first grade come to the library for 30 minutes once a week with the whole class and sit on the rug for a read-aloud experience and check out. Kindergartners can only check out one item a week.
    During this time the volunteer checks in materials and shelve books.  Books may be shelved at this time, but not in the storytime area.  Check out books once the children have made their selections.  Straighten shelves, “read” shelves, and dust as time permits.  Other tasks may be offered on an “as needed” basis.

    It is important to shelve items correctly.  If a book is in the wrong spot, it may be lost until the end of the year. Accuracy is more important than speed. Ask for help if you are not sure.  Click for a map of the library.
    Click for an explanation of the Dewey Decimal Classification System.
    Click for an explanation of shelving guidelines.

    Watch the screen during the transaction for accuracy, messages, and overdue books.  When checking in books look at the screen for the title you are checking in - the computer can work very slow at times and you do not want to go faster than the computer can handle.
    Check in all items before checking out new materials.  
    Students first thru fifth grade may check out three items.  Kindergarten students check out one item per child to take home.  Magazines and recorded books are checked out just like books.  
    Students are allowed one bookmark per visit, not one per book, or, invariably, the bookmarks end up as litter at school.
    Teachers may check out 99 items at a time. All item are due back at the end of the school year.
    Art prints, professional collection, DVDs and videocassettes are for staff use only.
    While checking out books make sure you have the right student up on the screen. 

When there is time
   When shelving books, please scan the shelf for misfiled books and put the shelf in order.
    Shelves are straightened frequently to maintain a neat library so our students will be encouraged to keep it that way.  When performing this task scan the shelves for out of place books.

If there is time, by the sink in the LMC office you will find rags and paper towels - Please dust shelves and the tables where the computers are.

  Our collection gets heavy use.  To make sure a book can be found when it is needed it is helpful to “read the shelves” when there is extra time.  Applying general shelving rules, the spine label of each book is read book by book to make sure every book is where it should be.  First go to areas that look disheveled and straighten by making sure all items are in order.

  The library would never be able to maintain our services without your help. Thank you,

Teacher Librarian

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