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East HS LMC: East 1:1 Chromebook Resource Guide

Connect! Discover! Achieve!!

Upcoming Technology PD

Apps/Add Ons/Extensions

white sphere covered in rows of chrome app icons

Click the image above or link below to browse an extensive list of Chrome Apps, Add-ons, and Extensions


Check to see if a Google App is down

Personalized Tech Learning

screenshot of the google doc containing links to personalized tech learning

Ignite Digital Classroom Set Up

Below you will find a link containing directions on how teachers can mirror mobile devices to the classroom desktop/display unit, set up monitor and wireless keyboard shortcuts. .

Printing, Etc.Support


MMSD Chromebooks don't print. Save files to your Google drive.

  • Visit the LMC to print.
  • Use a desktop computer


Students are expected to charge their Chromebook at home each night.

For emergency charging, there will be a charging station in the LMC. Must still have a pass to the LMC if going to charge during class time.


Students are expected to take their device home every day and bring it to school every day.

That said, we understand there may be students who are displaced, student athletes attending away games or students participating in other school related functions that prevent them from properly storing and securing your device overnight. On a case by case basis, students may:

  • Lock a device in their school-provided locker
  • Make arrangements during school hours to store in a secure, locked cart in the LMC
  • Make arrangements with a specific teacher or staff member to lock in a secured area in the building.

Earbuds & Accessories: 

MMSD does not provide students with earbuds, or additional accessories. We recommend the following:

1. Earbuds - Any kind. Earbuds are for sale in the LMC and the School Store.

For iPhone users, a "Lightning to 3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter" allows you to use the same kind of standard earbuds and headphones with your cell 

2. USB drive (optional) for additional file storage

3. Back-up/ Replacement charging cable - students are provided ONE charging cable. If you need to buy a replacement or additional cord, MMSD recommends ? model, though any 

Cleaning Supplies & Care

Make sure the device is TURNED OFF before you clean it. Use a damp cloth (not wet) to wipe it down, and then a dry cloth to wipe off existing dirt or debris. Do not use cleaners like Windex, etc. which may seep into the keyboard and damage the motherboard. 

Help Me Please!

EHS Digital Device Support (a work in progress)

Emergency= Screen, sound, etc. not working - call 43619

Same Day= had a glitch/ problem during class, did alternate activity, want it to work tomorrow.  Fill out THIS GOOGLE FORM 

Collaborative (3 or more days in advance) = want individual help to plan tech activity to use with students.  Fill out THIS GOOGLE FORM 

Damaged/dysfunctional student device= bring to the LMC

[Staff Only]  Click HERE to fill out a work order for East's microtech. Work order username = your b# Pw= your mmsd gmail password

Keyboard Shortcuts

East Take Home Student Lesson

East's Building-Wide Structures

Keep Yourself Organized!

Personal Password Tracker- Click HERE for a template that you can copy and use to house your passwords for websites/apps/products, etc

MMSD Digital Culture Folders