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Librarian eGuide : ILL (Inter-library Loan)

LIbrary FInes


Q. I can't lend a particular book because I know a teacher will need it next week for a new unit.  What should I do?

A.  Decline it  . . . we all want to provide good service to our immediate patrons!


Q. How do I handle expired holds?

 A. Delete or make active.

ILL Request Procedures: Effective January 26, 2015

MMSD Direct Inter-Library Loan (ILL) Protocols: Effective January 26, 2015
Requesting Library = Patron's "Home" Library (Step 1)
Loaning Library = Library that "owns" the item (Steps 2 and 4)
Steps: This action (in order of steps needed to be taken) …taken by clicking …changes Status to
1 Requesting Library approves an ILL request for their patron Approve Pending
2 Loaning library checks "Processing Needed" flag and sees the request Processing Needed
Loaning Library decides to decline the ILL request OR Decline Declined
Loaning Library decides to fill request. Checks out book to patron who requested it via their circ screen & sends it out to them directly using inter-school mail. It disappears from the Processing Needed screen. (It can now be seen on the requesting patron's circulation account.)
3 Requesting patron receives the book in the interschool mail & uses it. Returns it to the lending library via inter-school mail when they are done.
4 Loaning Library checks in the returning copy OR Check in
after a set amount of time that the item is missing, the Loaning Library marks the copy Lost Lost

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