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Gompers Elementary Library Media Center: Book Trailers by Gompers students

Book Trailers

Presenting Bibliophilic Book Trailers by Bodacious 5th Graders

REACH class with Ms. Jody - Spring, 2022 + 2018 

Blended (by Reece)

End Zone (by Torin)

Hello Universe (by Bella)

Efren Divided (by Jayden)

the Bad Guys Book 9 (by Christopher)

ThrowBack (by Jude)

A Wrinkle in Time by Madelyn

Prairie Lotus (by Charlize)

Demon Slayer (by Alieu)

Wings of Fire (by Ania)

Power Up! (by Malikyh)

Danger in the Darkest Hour (by Arlan)

The Bad Guys (by Gaston)

Ready Player One by Finn

Blended (by Simone)

Jinxed (by Elizabeth)

Lions at Lunchtime (by Owen)

Astrid & Apollo and the Happy New Year

Ever After High - The Book of Legends (by Brooke)

Murder on the Orient Express by Lane