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Greek Mythology Books in our LMC

We have lots of books about Greek Mythology -- these are a few of the best ones!

The Parthenon in Athens

Dedicated to the Greek goddess Athena

Info about Greek Gods

Θ Great Links about Greek Gods and Mythology ψ

Greek Mythology on YouTube

μ Greek Mythology on YouTube Ω

Heroes of Greek Mythology video made by a high school class

Who is Your Favorite Greek God?

Who is Your Favorite Greek God?
Zeus -- king of the gods: 4 votes (2.99%)
Aphrodite -- goddess of love: 3 votes (2.24%)
Apollo -- god of music: 0 votes (0%)
Ares -- god of war: 3 votes (2.24%)
Athena -- goddess of wisdom: 4 votes (2.99%)
Poseidon -- god of sea: 14 votes (10.45%)
Hera -- goddess of marriage: 1 votes (0.75%)
Demeter -- goddess of agriculture: 1 votes (0.75%)
Hades -- king of the underworld: 98 votes (73.13%)
Other: 6 votes (4.48%)
Total Votes: 134