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Immigration Unit - JMM 9th Grade: Home

What is the Immigration Project?

Every family history is full of stories of movement – movement across oceans, across countries, across borders. The life of every Memorial student is the end result of a series of moves made by past or even current family members. Students select one story of immigration/migration from their family history and present it in the medium of their choice. The culmination of the project will be an open house at which all student projects will be displayed for family and friends.

American Experience - JMM Class links

Database Access

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After School Study Center

The After School Study Center is open 3:35 - 5:00 on most Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Click the link below for a full calendar.


  •  Students who want academic assistance
  •  Teachers and students who want to meet in an open area after school
  •  Students without computers or print resources at home
  •  Students who want to learn how to use software such as editing equipment, PowerPoint, or bibliography tools
  •  Students who need to collaborate with other students or teachers
  •  Students and teachers who need assistance from a librarian
  •  Tutors and/or mentors who need to meet students in a neutral, safe place
  •  Students and staff who participate in community partnership programs