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Leopold Elementary Library: Art

The Leopold Library Portal


These are free applications you'll have to download onto a computer at home. They don't need Internet to work, but they do require a computer.

Tiled is a map-making application.  You can use it to make maps or tiled images.


This downloadable application allows kids to build LEGO creations right on their computers. It has nearly every LEGO piece in every color! Make your own LEGO sets, or use LEGO's free online manuals to make a LEGO set.

Image result for paint net is a free painting app. You can use it to edit images, paint pictures, even create art.


Brush Ninja

Brush ninja logo

Create animated gifs!

This Is Sand

This Is Sand mouse practice game


This pixel-based animation site allows you to make animated pixel art. Use it to create original art!


Benjamin Mueller's picture

Make Animated Gifs

only with your teacher's permission

Pixie Engine