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Lindbergh Elementary Flyers: Book Recommendation

Welcome to the Lindbergh Library Portal. It is a one stop shop for students, teachers, staff, families, and community members at Lindbergh Elementary School

What to Recommend A Book?

Want the Library to order a book? Recommend a book!

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Reading with Actors

Storyline online

What should I read next?

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Book Recommendations

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we need diverse books


Library Genres

If you like

Mysteries, you may like Scary, Adventure, or Science Fiction/Fantasy

Scary, you may like Adventure, Science Fiction/Fantasy

Adventure, you may like Mystery, Humor, Historical Fiction, Realistic Fiction

Humor, you may like Animal Fiction, Realistic Fiction, Adventure

Realistic, you may like Sports Fiction, Adventure, Historical Fiction

Animal Fiction, you may like Humor, Adventure

Historical Fiction, you may like Nonfiction, Adventure, Realistic Fiction

Sports Fiction, you may like Realistic, Historical, or Adventure