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Lindbergh Elementary Flyers: Digital Citizenship

Welcome to the Lindbergh Library Portal. It is a one stop shop for students, teachers, staff, families, and community members at Lindbergh Elementary School

Family Resources

In school, we enforce Digital Citizenship. Digital Citizenship is the appropriate and responsible use of technology. 

As a parent or guardian, you help a great deal. Here are some resources to help:

digital citizenship

MMSD Digital Citizenship Curriculum

Common Sense Media 

Parental Concerns

Family Technology Concerns

Why Digital Citizenship is so Important (video) 

Privacy, District, and Permission

Chromebook Care

Digital Citizen Poster

digital citizen

What is Digital Citizenship?

Digital Citizenship is the appropriate and responsible use of technology. 

Image result for digital citizenship   Internet Safety, Privacy, and Security

   Relationship and Communication

   Cyberbullying and Digital Drama

   Information Literacy (keyword search, website evaluation, citing, copyright)

Need help finding resources or information? Contact Mandy Meloy,

Teacher Resources

MMSD Standards with lessons

Commonsense Media


Internet Safety:

Information Literacy

Cyberbullying and Digital Drama

Commoncraft Videos -- Digital Citizenship and Technology

Commoncraft are professional, free, quick, and fun videos that are short and introduce complex subjects. Use them to learn yourself or teach your students or children. 

Popular videos on digital topics

Strong Passwords

Digital Literacy

Web Search Strategies and Keyword search and shortcuts

Protecting Online Reputation -- good

Website Evaluation --good

Privacy Online

Just for fun -- Zombies Explained


Credit where credit is due

Thank you MMSD Library Media Technology Specialists and G1 and G2 school and district staff for ideas and content. Thank you to Patricia Hill (Shorewood), Jody Retzer- Crolla (Gompers),  Jen Milne-Carroll (Whitehorse), Shelley Block (MMSD), Sam Skar (ORE), and Cathy Daane (MMSD).