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Lindbergh Elementary Flyers: Web Tools

Welcome to the Lindbergh Library Portal. It is a one stop shop for students, teachers, staff, families, and community members at Lindbergh Elementary School


Storytelling. Video Editing. Videocasting. Mixing. Animating. Podcasting.

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Aww App A Web Whiteboard

Little Bird Tales (use username and password)Little Bird Tales



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Screencast for Blabberize

Instructional Sheets for Blabberize

Blabberize page 1

Blabberize page 2

IBlabberize page 3

Blabberize page 4


Categorizing. Annotating. Tweeting. Blogging. Subscribing. Explaining.


Interviewing. Simulating. Demonstrating. Presenting. Editing. Illustrating.




Outlining. Stucturing. Organizing. Surveying. Deconstructing. Mashing.

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Moderating. Conferencing. Networking. Posting. Collaborating. Critiquing.


Recalling. Listing. Bookmarking. Searching. Mindmapping. Word Processing.