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MaJiK Biographies: Home

Tutorial: SpeakIt!

To listen:

  • Highlight text and click the icon

To adjust speed, volume and voice:

  • Right click the icon and select "Options"

Tutorial: Diigo

Loggin in:

  • Click the icon
  • Log in with:
    • xID number
    • xmmddyyX

Bookmark pages:

  • Click the Diigo icon and select "Save"

Highlight and add notes to pages:

  • Click the Diigo icon and select "Annotate"

View your bookmarks:

  • Click the Diigo icon and select "My Library"
  • You can also organize your bookmark lists here

Credible Websites

Tutorial: EasyBib

Logging in:

  2. "Login" (top right)
  3. "Login with Google" (red)

Set up your project:

  1. Select "New project"
  2. Name your project
  3. Select "Create"

Citing your sources:

  1. Under your project: select "Bibliography"
  2. Select "Manual cite"
  3. Select the "Source type"
  4. Fill in as many blanks as you can
  5. Select "Create Citation"