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LHS Makers: Home

Digital projects as well as some more traditional "unplugged" projects as well

Donate stuff?

CRAFTING MESS? Yes, it's actually librarian endorsed! I spent some time researching the "Maker Space" trend in school and public libraries. While we all know that hands-on, inquiry-based learning is more meaningful, just the simple act of making something is a way to engage learners, promote critical thinking, and occasionally build community as well.
I'm starting out small, and we'll see how it grows. Please feel free to donate used (clean) materials to this end (list of most needed items below).
  • Old jars/ glass containers and tiny toys (terrariums?) 
  • Cereal boxes
  • Fabric scraps, felt scraps are great, or old clothes we can cut up
  • Any old T-shirts of all sizes
  • Any old socks (can't find its match? No problem. We'll turn them into sock puppets)
  • matchbook boxes (mini or standard-sized; no matches, please)
  • old technology/ gadgets that can be broken up, reused and turned into new things (old keyboards, typewriters, floppy disks, cassette tapes
  • Old rubber stamps, scrap booking punches, funky-edged scissors, etc. you don't want anymore? You never know...


Welcome to La Follette High School Library Media Center's own digital Makerspace!

What is a makerspace, you ask? Well, it's a trendy name for DIY projects where you learn by doing, maybe have some fun along the way, and use your brain!

What do we have in the LMC? What do we have online?

                  The La Follette Makerspace is about providing resources and opportunities for our students beyond the core curriculum. Our goal is for our students to become creators, innovators and life-long learners who strive to answer their own questions through research and experimentation.


Check out the above tabs to find more on Photoshop, Indesign and Illustrator  tutorials  (any LMC computer+ book how-to’s); Garageband  access (1 MAC available) and Podcasting  basics-- See Ms. v if you have questions or for more information

In the LMC: 

  • Animation: We have the set-up to do stop-motion animation with an ipad (there is ONE ipad available for in-library use), a dry erase board, and an animation studio kit, which includes several fold-out sets and a handbook.
  • Books: Mini-books/ zines- there are several great options to choose from (supplies include empty, mini matchboxes
  • Comic Art: Make a mini-comic- we are working on developing samples
  • Selfie Photography: Use your own cell phone camera with these interesting ideas!
  • Sock Puppets: (NOTE: We need donations of old, clean socks and scrap fabric)+ Combine with animation to make your own video shorts
  • Thank You Cards: Make your own Thank You cards (or any kind of card, really)
  • Techno-Art: Make NEW items from old technology (supplied; (old floppy disks, cassette tapes, video tapes)
  • Terrariums: Use old jars or glass containers, moss and stones, plus tiny toys to create your own terrarium [Terrarium Definition: A small enclosure or closed container in which selected living plants and sometimes small land animals, such as turtles and lizards, are kept and observed.]
  • T-shirt Upcycling: (NOTE: We need donations of old T-shirts)

Have an idea or suggestion for a project? Talk to Ms. van Buren in the LMC or send her an email at