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LHS Makers: Materials in the LMC

Digital projects as well as some more traditional "unplugged" projects as well

Stuff you CAN use!

all items are for use ONLY in the LMC

  • Markers, colored pencils, scissors, glue sticks, rulers, yard sticks, tape
  • an Ipad
  • Camera, tripod, microphone, foldable green screen, light kit
  • Circuitry kits (2)
  • Stamps, stamp ink pads and stencils
  • Paper! Many colors; construction paper, poster board, lined paper and computer paper; reruse scraps as well
  • Crafting supplies (donated from staff): clean socks, felt and other fabric, old T-shirts, a small sewing kit, empty jars
  • Old books, VHS tapes, CDs
  • Playdough, toothpicks, used bubble padded envelopes, foam blocks, puff paint, paint brushes
  • dry erase board and dry erase markers




Be Creative! Make Cool things!!

Items to Ask for:

We keep some items locked up or behind the counter - please ASK if you want to use any of the following items or if you don't see them!

Circuit kits (2):

Rubber stamps and various ink pads:

Play-dough, paints, toothpicks, paintbrushes:

Cameras (3), microphones (3), tripods (2):

ipad (1 - for stopmotion animation and other creative apps):