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Ocean Animal Resources: Home

A collection of resources to use for ocean animal projects.

Report Details

Cover Page - This page must include the name of the animal you are reporting on at the top in large letters, your name at the bottom, and a large picture of the animal done with colored pencils or markers in the center.

Paragraph 1 - Physical Description

   In the first paragraph you will describe the animal, include information about size, shape, color, special features, and how it moves. Also describe what kind of sea life it is - mammal, fish, crustacean, mollusk, cephalopod, etc.

Paragraph 2 - Habitat

   In the second paragraph you are to tell in which oceans it can be found and at what depths. What special conditions does it need?

Paragraph 3 - Birth and Development

   The third paragraph is to include information about how it is born (egg or live birth), and how it develops into an adult.

Paragraph 4 - Diet

   This paragraph is to have information about what it eats and how it catches its food.

Paragraph 5 - Enemies and Defense

   This paragraph is to describe its enemies and how it protects itself from them.

Paragraph 6 - Conclusion

   In this paragraph you can add any interesting facts that have not been presented in previous paragraphs and tell why you think this sea animal is interesting.

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