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O'Keeffe Middle School: Battle of the Books

O'Keeffe Library Mission: Connecting learners to literature, resources and technology to discover and achieve.

Battle of the Books Date to Know


  • Mid-November - students sign up
  • November - March - students read the books, meet with friends to encourage and quiz each other
  • Beginning of March - school individual competition



Battle of the Books Sign Up

BOB Information

Traditionally, Battle of the Books is a fun, friendly activity where teams of students read books from a specified list and then compete in a trivia competition based on those books. This year being virtual, the competition will be an independent one where students will be required to read all the books and individually answer questions to test their knowledge. Any student that answers 80% of the questions correctly, they win a prize! 

Even though students aren't competing on a team this year, they are encouraged to connect with peers to read, encourage, and quiz each other to prepare for their individual quiz!

Read this slideshow to learn details and the incredible Battle of the Books book titles!

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Why do you participate in Battle of the Books?

Take this poll...
I like to read.: 39 votes (23.93%)
I like to read books that I normally wouldn't read.: 9 votes (5.52%)
My friends are participating.: 106 votes (65.03%)
I was encouraged by a parent or teacher.: 0 votes (0%)
I like challenges and competitions.: 9 votes (5.52%)
Total Votes: 163