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Orchard Ridge Elementary: Finding Books in the Library

Welcome to the Orchard Ridge Library Page.

Shelve it!

Play Shelve it!

Order in the Library!

ABC Order

Books in the fiction and the "E" (everyone) secition are organized in ABC order, so why don't you play these ABC games for a few minutes?

Do you Dewey?


General Works

Lots of information in one book or set of books.

Encyclopedias, general reference works, computers


Philosophy Psychology

What and how do we think?

Optical illusions, brain research, question and answer books.


Religion Mythology

Who is the creator?

Bible stories, religions of the world, Greek myths.


Social Science

How do people communicate and get along?

Communication, education, law, transportation, manners, fairy tales.



What language do you speak?

Grammar books, sign language,  foreign languages


Natural Science

What is in this world around us?

Experiments, math, astronomy, chemistry, physics, geology, biology, and dinosaurs. Books on specific animals are also found here.


Applied Science

How do we make nature work for us?

Anatomy, medicine, airplanes, space travel, cookbooks and animals such as dogs, cats, and horses.


Arts and Recreation

What do you do for fun and creativity?

Art, artists, how-to-draw books, crafts, origami, music, joke and riddle books, and sports



We act and read poetry.

Poetry, plays and classic literature.


Geography & History

Where do you live?

History, geography and travel, atlases, explorers, and multiple biographies* 920

Do the Dewey

                                    Dewey Decimal System
Learn all about the Dewey Decimal System and practice putting decimals in order.

Dewey Decimal Chart

Dewey Decimal Fun

Call Number Order Game

Call Number Order

Call Number Order

Dewey Game 

    A challenging game in which you have to type in the number for a particular subject

Dewey Matching Game

    A matching game to help you memorize the 10 basic divisions of the Dewey Decimal System (DDS)

Dewey Matching/Flashcards/Concentration

    A matching game to learn DDS's 10 general divisions

 Dewey and the Alien

    A story to teach the 10 main divisions of the DDS

                   Do We Really Know Dewey?  (Grades 3-5)  

    A website all about the Dewey Decimal System (DDS), made by kids  

More Fun Dewey Activities

Let's Do Dewey - information about the Dewey Decimal System and questions to see what you've learned
Library Labyrinth discover more about the Dewey Decimal System
Help! I Am Locked in the Library- fun webquest designed by 4th-6th graders to help students learn how to locate items in the library
Dewey Decimal System Thinkquest - online quest to discover more about the Dewey Decimal System and the man behind it
Quia Dewey Decimal System - games to test your knowledge
Kids Guide to the Dewey Decimal System - a chart to help kids find nonfiction topics

(Taken from Double Eagle Media Center

How to Search on Orchard Ridge's Catalog

Find a Non-Fiction Book on the Catalog

Find a Non-Fiction Book in the Library Media Center

How to Make a Resource List

Do We Really Know Dewey?

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