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Orchard Ridge Elementary: Literacy Activities

Welcome to the Orchard Ridge Library Page.

Literacy Games


Sounds in Words



Students can practice phonemic awareness skills here. Learn more about phonemic awareness.

Sight Words



Other Reading Websites:

Read and write comic books. There are also games.


Phonic and Word Sort Games

·         Construct a Word

Construct-a-Word provides a simple, engaging way for students to generate dozens of different words by first choosing an ending (for example -an, -ed, -at, -op) and then adding a beginning letter or blend. When a correct word is created, the word is stored in a Word Bank where students can read and review their words. 



·         Word Family Sort


This online activity helps students recognize word patterns by having them sort a series of words into short-vowel word families.



·         Word Wizard


Word Wizard uses themes from four popular U.S. children's books to create word puzzles that students solve by unscrambling letters and considering related clues.



·         ABC Match


ABC Match is a game that has students practice letter-recognition fluency while honing their memories. Students match initial letters with pictures, playing either with a timer or without.



·         Puzzle Me Words


Puzzle Me Words is a fun, educational game for primary students that reinforces letter sounds and how sounds combine to form words (”



Vocabulary and Spelling Sites:


·         PBS KIDS:  Vocabulary

PBS Kids had a large bibliography of fun vocabulary games.

PBS KIDS:  Spelling

PBS Kids had a large bibliography of fun spelling games.

Spelling Practice:

Listen to the word the dragon speaks. Click and drag the letters to spell the word correctly. Press 'hint" to see how the word is spelled or press "skip" to go to another word.



Enter in your own spelling list and practice your words.  This site also has educational games to choose from.


Sight Words:

·         Sight Word Recognition

Listen to the sight words and jump to them.