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Progressive Era Activism U.S. 9: City Slums

Historical activism during the Progressive Era.

Public Transportation

1902: Mary Egan, 12-year-old Tenement Dweller

Chlorination of the U.S. Water Supply Begins

Poverty and Squalor in the Cities

The Problem of the Children in New York City

Children's playground, Poverty Gap

Necktie Workshop

Police Station Lodging for the Homeless


How the Other Half Lives


Jacob Riis Chronicles the Struggles of the Urban Poor

Steinmetz Warns of Pollution in “The Future of Electricity”

Italian Mother and Her Baby

Bohemian Cigarmakers at Work

Opening of the New York City Subway

Ellen Wilson & Her Affect on Slums

Living in Terror

Water Pollution Control

Baxter Street Alley in Mulberry Bend

Five Cents a Spot

Garbage in the Streets

Homeless Children